Fluff is in the air; waltzing through to our end in Vienna

Arriving at Emmersdorf was very welcomed when the size of distance in general had exceeded 100 kilometers. “Are you tired,” said our Hungarian host, Henriette. Agree.

The laden saddle bag saved us from a dry and simple dinner. Get out the tea, miniature wines, beer, snacks and vegetables that we prepare, knowing now that smaller places are served at a minimum and are usually very quiet. Someone somewhere above the river experienced a blinding night with that sound, turning this water into that with a loud background bass. Until 5 a.m.

We are too tired to pay attention and with the sunrise early we wake up to appreciate the beautiful and warm morning. Heat from the high 20 is in front.

The good advice from the owner of the Persenbeug cafe remains attached to me, that I went alone that day to see what this amazing sight meant. The villages above the ancient Emmersdorf, with small farms that function and some magnificent palaces, such as Artstetten. Men in the lederhosen and women in skirts around many small towns show something other than elections going on!

Maria Taferl is located above the river, at a reasonable height, which after the previous day, felt like a thigh that was burning as high as 300m. The cafe owner was not wrong, and through the heat fog, it was very impressive.

We left Emmersdorf after noon, still humming quietly on Main Street with few people. Back on the road, Krems is our target through …

Stay at our place and take a walk at the Escalate National Monument

This morning we were suddenly awakened by the loud sound of a four-wheeled vehicle passing through the parking lot. That sounds like all their flock. The dogs barked completely so there was no chance to sleep. Check out time is 11am so we assume around that time when we can move to our new place. David ran a dog to a pet kept in a pet area to do their business. I stayed and gave us coffee and breakfast. Red is very worried this morning with everyone and car activities around us. When we finish breakfast, Red experiences diarrhea throughout the carpet hall! OH, GOD!!! So there’s not much to do but take it out. David took Red out and I continued to clean the floor and hall. When David returned, I told him that I would take the carpet to the laundry. I have a washing machine and dryer in the trailer but the capacity is small. Carpets need large machines. So I took the change, put the rug in a garbage bag and walked down the hill to the laundry. I think all the time, “this is what I don’t need today”! It seems that only when you think you can’t handle more, because you don’t sleep and you have a parking space that is full of people around you for the past 24 hours, something else happens. Geez, I will check my reservation closer next time !!

I arrived at the laundry to find a friendly man …


Day Trip to Redon

Today I take the train from Guipry-Messac to Redon, downstream to the south. It’s only about a 20 minute train ride, Redon is actually closer to Guipry-Messac than Rennes. Redon is a medium-sized city, but its importance lies in its port, and its role as a land navigation junction. It is located near the tidal boundary of Vilaine, at the point where the Nantes-Brest Canal crosses Vilaine, and where the Oust River joins Vilaine. All of these factors make it an important port, tax and customs post, and ship building site. In addition to canals and rivers, it has a basin port that accesses the canal and Vilaine. These are all quite complicated, and there are many locks, docks and bridges, including swing bridges and lift bridges, all clustered around the port section.

The city center has some interesting architecture, including an impressive city hall, which stands next to a high bell tower, which used to be part of the monastery church but now stands free because the fire destroyed parts of the church. Behind these buildings is a large old monastery, featuring supporting forests flying around church shelters at one end.

In the city there are a number of medieval buildings, especially along the rocky main road. After this road descends, someone arrives at the key and the bridge where the Nantes-Brest canal crosses the city and also has an intersection with the Vilaine River. It is very interesting to work on setting all the keys, canals, bridges and …


Great Wall of Tourists

Another fantastic high-speed train took us farther north from Chengdu to Xi’an, the famous home of the Terracotta Warriors and the end of the Silk Road. As a walled city, I hope the city is ancient and full of old houses and temples. I mean, I’m not wrong. With nearly 13 million people living there, it will be difficult to describe as complicated. It took almost an hour for us to drive from the train station to our hotel in the city center, through a city filled with bright light. The center is full of designer labels and big brands – Louis Vuitton, Rolls Royce – Silk Road products may have changed but the market is still very active. We feel a little sad because it rains, which limits our choice to do something. We met with friends who were the same as us at the start of the trip, Erik and Kat, and after a failed attempt to go to the museum (6000 free tickets have been sold out if you believe, and paid the full price of 300 yuan, around £ 35! ), We took a wet walk around the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. Now we are starting to get fed up with all the entrance fees – in the pagoda you have to pay to go through the gate and enter the yard, and then pay again to enter the pagoda itself! At three or four pounds each time it starts to increase. Finally we decided the …

Advantages of Affordable Car Rental When Traveling with Cheap Budget

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