A School Ski Trip to the USA

Traditionally, the typical UK school ski trip concentrated on the major European resorts, but today the option of the USA is a very real one.


The USA has some of the best snow resorts in the world. Based in a variety of east and west coast locations, in just a few decades these resorts have made a huge impact on the world of snow sports. There are many things that make them unique and very attractive to a potential school ski trip including the following aspects.

Altitude – some of the resorts have ‘tops’ that are very high and that means their snow record is excellent.

Accommodation – as is the case with almost any sort of holiday in the USA, the accommodation provided is spacious and typically of a very high standard.

Service culture – in the USA the customer is king and that means that service is usually exceptional and very efficient.

Top equipment and processes – Americans don’t accept queues and delays unless they’re absolutely unavoidable, so that means that delays accessing lifts (etc) are perhaps less common than might be the case in some European destinations.

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Value for money – this is a major imperative in much of US life and it means that, typically, students’ spending money goes a lot further on a school ski trip here.

Superb snow sports – many resorts are vast and have a huge selection of runs of different difficulty levels.


Of course, US …