Everybody decided to go for a walk to the lighthouse after the beautiful breakfast buffet. After a nice hot 15 minute walk we reached the top edge of the cliffs. When picture taking time started guess who whipped out his camera and started shooting. The lost camera had been in the van in a forgotten bag. Whew! I sketched and everyone wandered off to explore the cliff tops. After finally getting back to the hotel and meeting up near the pool we found out no one had chosen to go down the many, many steps to the beach since it meant coming up the hundred plus steps in the heat. Seems Portugal doesn’t heat outdoor pools but since it is the end of the summer season it is only the bravest (or craziest depending on your view) who go in and swim for a whole 5 minutes. After changing our driver came and we went to Silves for the World’s Best Chicken. It tasted finger-licking great and the fries had been freshly cut and did not taste greasy at all. Felt sorry for the poor guy working the grill in the heat but he had perfected the Best Chicken timing of cooking chicken. Off we went to visit the most southwesterly part of Portugal – Cabo de S. Vicente. Tried to get a few pictures while fighting the wind. Easily see why the Portuguese explorers made it all the way to the Americas with those winds. Back to the hotel and later ordered the same pizzas as the previous night – still delectable.

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Thursday Oct 10

Packed and out of the hotel by 9 and down to the marina for our zodiak boat tour. After 25 minutes bouncing along the water like we were riding bucking broncos (sit straddling a cushioned bench one behind the other) we made it to the first cave in some high cliffs near Rocha Point. We oohed and aahed at each cave as they all seemed to have a special feature. Definitely should not miss this trip if you go. We went as far as Benagil and then headed back. We all had permanent blow hair on arrival. Now we could just relax in the van for our 90 minute drive to Tavira. Lunched in town and then out to the port area to our hotel. After being in the PA101256room for a half hour I went to use my phone to check tomorrow’s weather. No phone. Now Ross and I are searching every bag, pocket and place I could possibly have stashed it. Realized it must be in the van. Had to have the front office call our tour company to contact our driver (stays at a different hotel) to see if the phone was actually in the van. After about 20 minutes Carlos shows up with my phone – how embarrassing. “Don’t tell the others,” I told him. I am mortified. Pool time for some and then an olive, peanuts, apple, bread and wine picnic dinner on camera couple’s patio.