This morning we were suddenly awakened by the loud sound of a four-wheeled vehicle passing through the parking lot. That sounds like all their flock. The dogs barked completely so there was no chance to sleep. Check out time is 11am so we assume around that time when we can move to our new place. David ran a dog to a pet kept in a pet area to do their business. I stayed and gave us coffee and breakfast. Red is very worried this morning with everyone and car activities around us. When we finish breakfast, Red experiences diarrhea throughout the carpet hall! OH, GOD!!! So there’s not much to do but take it out. David took Red out and I continued to clean the floor and hall. When David returned, I told him that I would take the carpet to the laundry. I have a washing machine and dryer in the trailer but the capacity is small. Carpets need large machines. So I took the change, put the rug in a garbage bag and walked down the hill to the laundry. I think all the time, “this is what I don’t need today”! It seems that only when you think you can’t handle more, because you don’t sleep and you have a parking space that is full of people around you for the past 24 hours, something else happens. Geez, I will check my reservation closer next time !!

I arrived at the laundry to find a friendly man cleaning the toilet and washing clothes. I found a big engine and when I put the stain carpet and threw the laundry pod in, I noticed, FOUR DOLLARS! That’s 3.50 for ordinary machines! Wow the last time I saw this kind of price in Homer Alaska. Thankfully, I have 4 dollars in place. With the rug washed, I returned to the camping ground to also find the place of our RV now open and the owner wanted us to move because he had other people who wanted our overflow place. With $ 35 dollars a night, the overflowing place looks quite profitable.

We closed the trailer and within 15 minutes we parked in our new place and David installed electricity and water. I hurriedly walked back to the laundry to find a clean carpet. $ 2 dollars more for a dryer for 20 minutes. Wow $ 6.00 for poppy rugs to clean and dry, well maybe that is worth it! David finished with the trailer and he and Red and Dottie all walked back to the laundry with me. The rug isn’t too dry but I decided I wouldn’t give them another $ 2. So we all walked back home and I hung the carpet dry. We all walked along the old dirt road and we all had fun. Red continued to need opportunities for the rest of the day, but we didn’t have another accident.

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We were very tired after a night without sleep and all the noise we decided to stay today. The back of our garden is pretty and we all take a nap. I also work on a blog. The hardest part of the blog is downloading and reviewing David’s pictures and then uploading them to our blog. Without WiFi it is not possible to get pictures and stories loaded so we are limited to what we can post.

We enjoyed seeing all the beautiful images of David and choosing the best to send. We headed to bed early and definitely had a better night’s sleep.

This morning we woke up finally refreshed from a good night’s sleep. Red still has some stomach problems so we pay attention to his diet carefully to make sure he doesn’t eat plants, grass, etc. which makes him upset. A silly dog ‚Äč‚Äčeats anything, and a few days ago he ate ear cloth from a dog toy. We did not know what caused the trouble, but he was hungry and seemed to be fine.

We packed our cooler with lunch snacks, drinks and water, and loaded on trucks for a day’s sightseeing. The first stop is directly across the highway to the visitor center. I bought a magnet and got great travel details for us today from a park guard. Today we are
The amazing hoodoo formation at Slot Canyon will continue on highway 12 east about 30 miles to the city of Boulder. From there we will take the Burr Trail to the Canyon slot. The trip to Boulder runs slowly, down the steep winding road, then rises again. Just like before, the scenery is amazing, but it looks lonely. I am worried that I will come back here tomorrow with that trailer. The road is good, the journey is slow.

We arrived at the turn to Burr Trail and turned right. Our goal is 11 miles back on the gravel road. The road is nice and the weather is warm and bright. We reached the beginning of the Canyon slot. The next 8 miles are winding trips through canyons with high red sandstone cliffs on both sides. Only an incredible drive that allows us to see all the formations. At the end of the canyon is a viewpoint that sits high on a plateau facing miles of wild land beneath it. You can see Lake Powell’s Snowa Navajo Peak in the distance. The Lake Powell ferry is located about 40 miles down the road to the south. Snowy peaks from the Navajo Peak on Lake Powell. About 40 miles away.

At this point, after a few photos, we turned and returned. After we returned through the canyon we found a side street where we could let the dogs come out with only their electronic collars. They have fun, especially Red who runs and runs. We all took refuge as we would, especially Dottie who took refuge under a bush or tree. After about 30 minutes, we went back up and headed for the house through the 30-mile winding road.

Once at home, the dogs looked very tired. We prepare trailers to depart in the morning. We will take a shower tonight after our dusty journey. We went to try a local restaurant. Barbecue isn’t like the past barbecue. That’s great, this restaurant has mediocre meat and fibrous. The dogs enjoy our left overs. David and I took a shower, and we went to bed after a beautiful day at the Escalate National Monument.

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